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Strictly one user/business per account

All My Lead Locker customers agree and understand that once a lead is 'claimed' and subsequently delivered they must make no less than 3x reasonably spaced out call-attempts to service the customers enquiry with a genuine view to help the customer to the best of their ability, so as to not have any of our customers waiting an unreasonable time.

All My Lead Locker customers agree to claim/purchase leads based solely on the information made visible at time of claiming said lead.

All My Lead Locker customers agree to only claim customers they have a genuine intent in servicing.

All My Lead Locker customers agree & accept full responsibility and herby confirm that as a customer of My Lead Locker they are in possession of any and all relevant public liability insurances of no less that £1,000,000.00 *My Lead Locker accepts no responsibility for accidental damage and/or injury as a result of using any of our lead generation service(s) to anyone in the process; customers or employees or the general public.

Returns: Returns are only applicable in the even the customer is unreachable and a genuine effort is made to contact the customer which results in a deactivated/invalid telephone number.

Failure to update us in time will prompt an investigation with the customer of said lead purchased/claimed to itentify the true value of the invoice due payable. If a card has been used to top up your account at any time My Lead Locker reserves the right to debit the value of the lead fee after 21 days. Should this debit be incorrect users must provide evidence to demonstrate our investigation produced inaccurate information. Recredits and refunds are wholey at the discretion of My Lead Locker and repeated delays and or disputes which impact our ability to charge you may result in termination of our services to you as a customer without prior notice.

Credit balances are strictly non refundable nor are they transferable between businesses; for this reason it is important that you have the ability and the means to use any credit within your account. We can not be held responsible for any regulatory changes or internal policies within your business which may effect your ability to claim/receive work from us. Exception(s) to the above: If your account is closed by our team without written notice.

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